Monday, January 10, 2005

Awful Plastic Surgery: bad boob jobs and duck lips.

How about some afternoon fun? On a site called, Awful Plastic, the author (with entirely too much free time on his hands) has chronicled a slew of celebrities who have had a nip and tuck, a few injections, liposuctions, hair-implants and yes, the 'bad boob job'.

In fact the titles in the sidebar are especially precious: "Ouch, my face is too tight", and "Ooops, I Messed Up My Face". But my all-time favorite, is "Hi, Duck Lips", describing a few over enthusiastic collagen injections.

I remember my first introduction to collagen, back in Australia we had a colleague named ... should I?? What the heck, named "Bibi" (because she hated her name "Beverly"). Well Bibi had rock-hard boobs, (from the occasional, purely accidental, bump in the hall - I swear!) and puffy lips from one indepthly rumoured collagen injection - all on a small frame. Oh, and the fluorescent red hair.

But one day she went away, and came back a little delayed from her holiday. And I recall passing her desk in the trading room (oh, did I mention she was in sales on the trading desk? Very popular with the clients), and a quick glance at her normally smiley face was met with a frown that looked like she had got a hockey puck in the face. Ouch! And my face must have grimaced surprisingly because I got a sad and pity-me look back.

All the more reason to glance at the cleavage, I guess.

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