Monday, December 06, 2004

The Seasonal Bad-Breath Transport

Man, I can't stay awake today.Got up at five and went for a short run with dogs (have to walk them that early anyway and now I am trying get healthy again).

I suffered many "bad-breath" tram rides today (meaning that all the trams were just crowded enough so that I had to breathe someones bad-breath for a few minutes before I could squirm away from it; alas, sometimes I couldn't always squirm away from it).

Got to work at 7:10
( Trip : Prague 7 to Prague 10, 30 min, one bad-breath tram) to do my morning note to brokers so that i could leave at 7.40 to go to an important business-achieving meeting.

Left work at 7:40
( Trip: Prague 10 to Prague 5, 32min, two bad-breath trams)

Got there and this guy wasn't there. His colleague said, he is sick (read: overslept), and „we hope we can meet later“.

So I came back to work.

( Trip : Prague 5 to Prague 10, 25 min, two bad-breath metros)
Boring and tired all day. And now I have to meet him at 5pm.

My most exciting decision of the day is whether to take the two bad-breath trams back to Prague 5, or the two bad-breath metros; followed by the one bad-breath tram back to Prague 7.

Travel assumptions:
8 tram rides
More than 8 smelly, bad-breath mouths to avoid.
One case of flu or other similar air-borne illness.

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