Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Robert Blake, Baretta of the 1970's, married trailer trash?

In her opening statement, Ms Samuels alleged that Mr Blake killed his wife because he "despised" her and regarded her family as "low-life trailer trash" who might turn their daughter into a prostitute.

I remember this guy like I recall Starsky and Hutch, Angie Dickenson, Kojak, Mannix, etc. Something to watch when nothing else was on. (Okay, I actually looked forward to Starsky and Hutch).

And the last time I saw Robert Blake was in David Lynch's "Lost Highway", and I thought it was so cool that he would go from, well, trailer-trash TV, to a cool, cultishy movie like Lost Highway. [Interesting trivia from IMDB.com "Robert Blake told director Lynch he was not going to give him a hard time about the script because Blake did not understand it. Blake also said he felt his character was the Devil."]

Well, go figure. Now he does what he always was advising against. What was the line? "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime". I am surprised the stories about him don't quote that over and over again. I haven't seen any, at least.

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