Thursday, December 09, 2004

Prevent 'laptop burn', Invest In Kevlar.

I just read two articles and my geeky side says somehow they can be combined. In this article; Laptops 'carry�risk to fertility', we hear about how the laptop can heat up the family jewels to a point where all your sperm will turn out Bill Gates like babies (but without the cash). But serioiusly, it claims that your gear can be heated up so the the little squirrely fellas might be malformed.

And here "9 in 10 survive"we see that the medics in Iraq are saving the lives for 9 out of ten wounded in Iraq, which is unprecedented. Compared to Vietnam which was one in 4, for example.

But the "9 in 10 survive" they put the credit on the medics but also on the use of Kevlar body armor and helmets.

Me thinks that future laptops will be kevlar. (My idea, go ahead and copy it, like all the other billion dollar ideas I have realeased into the atmosphere!)

Think about it, solders might even carry the laptop on their chest and it may stop the bullet better than the preverbial coat pocket bible. Or the only one to survive the mailman-like massacre at the local dairy quee were those who grabbed their laptops as they dove under the table. (Sadly the laptops probably won't be milkshake resistant).

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