Friday, December 03, 2004

Networks Bar Church Ads That Welcome Gays

I reckon the biggest problem with this particular issue is BAD MARKETING !

I mean really, the backers of this commercial AND the creators should have used a softer approach and sneaked the add by the censor geeks and perhaps shown, to use the given bouncers-at-the-door example, two guys not holding hands, but maybe standing next to another much discriminated group member (MDGM), as they all get rejected while the waspy types cruise on in.

At this point one of the guys (not holding hands) just sort of hurrumphs and flips his head back in a typically flaming annoyed action. I figure the censors would have thought the MDGM was the point. Later, they could have slowly moved into more and more flaming commercials. Sorry I am not being PC, but my point is to I am a bit angry that they didn't get these adds aired. I support the idea of equal access and rebel against all sorts of arrogance and discrimination (although I am not totally supporting a mythologically based idea called religion).

One thing confuses me. After all the junk about the networks being accused of liberal bias, this comes along and everyone thinks that the "other side" has won out in some sort of semi-constitutionally backed pogrom against gays and in support of the religious right.

My point is this: there was only a liberal bias because the networks, cable and free-to-air, realized that kerry was going to lose and wanted the public to think it was a close race - for them to sell more adds/win more market share. It was clear from the start that the incumbent would win. The TV bonkins said, "hell, that won't sell well. Lets favor the underdog, and make a big to-do about the left getting out to vote!" Silly games, but this church thing sort of makes the point.

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