Wednesday, December 22, 2004

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Moore is getting lunatic fringed, lately. A shame. Its weird how my views on Moore get me stuck in the middle, where both sides of the spectrum can hate me.

Bowling for Columbine had (in my worthless opinion) a valid point about the bizarre American Gun compulsion. An yet, I think his view on Bush was perhaps unfair. As in the Pres. is already sticky fly paper for anti-isolationists criticism, anti-globalization rancor, elitist liberal ravings, and the tried and oft-true caricatures. But when strong, war-time measures infringe on rights, everyone many say we are spiraling into fascism. They seem to ignore what sort of system is really in place. The USA is much more free on these issues than, for example France. Id checks, wire tapping, search and seizure rules. Miranda? I am not certain, but I think this must be joke there. (France is somehow especially odd since their view on Iraq and how little Bush traveled there and other weak-on-rights countries; this travelling and awareness of the world seemed a bonus for Kerry, for example.) And France had not even had a huge terrorist act. Imagine what it could be like if they did.

Perhaps I should explain my view these things sometimes. I will call it my 'Dan's political dogma'. I am fervently anti-gun, ambivalent on pro-choice, I have to admit, a hawk, and think the religious right is an embarrassment. But what gets me is that the liberal elite seems to ignore the fact that the country is full of people who are religious and are carrying guns. The people have the right to express their opinion and vote even though the election system is prone to makeup, spins, and talk-show-host-appearance presidents. That's the people's choice, for crying out loud. We, (yes, I am a fellow American) are ridiculous because of our similarity to the countries we criticize like Iran (religion, guns). That's us, so face up to it. Don't say these wheat belt, fundamentalists are 'wrong', but say 'I have a different opinion'. Because they outnumber you irregardless of whether they are right or wrong. If you still really believe they are stupid, take a look at the ill-informed world over the course of history. It had problems. Main tenets being: 1. big powers fighting over property, 2. what the people hear is rarely the real reason, 3. information and education and an awareness of the world is 'spun' too much for anyone of the masses to ever have the mythologically unbiased opinoin, and 4. large percentages of the population die from war and disease. This - in my small opinion - has always been true, and will always be true. (And note tenet 4., the percentages will always be the same!) There is no noble savage; it really is a matter of fight over stuff or not getting it. Sorry. Really, I am sorry. There is no other explanation.

But I do hope that we can be told to 'be good'. And yes, doing good feels good. And respecting people to continue being good should be supported. But don't expect they are going to be this way or can always be this way. That is a mistake. Wow. What a tirade.

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