Friday, December 10, 2004

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Do

Media and War: In this article the most senior UK military man says the media reports on the movements of the Blackwatch troops 'enhanced' the insurgent attacks that killed 5 men from this unit.

In an article last week on CNN there was a story of how the US military wanted to see what happens when an attack is advertised, but not carried out. Namely the false attack on Fallujah that was announced 3 weeks before the real one.

I am sure the public will cry foul in the UK about censorship, the right of the people to know. Or, that if the west accuses Al Jezeerah about biased reporting or being a tool of the insurgents, then the west, too, will show some obvious weaknesses.

In the case of the tool, I have no problem fooling the media. What!? Abusing trust? Carelessly undermining the truth? Martial law and propagandizing the media?

If it saves lives, I cannot deny it would be paramount in the minds of the mothers-of-soldiers, at home. Sorry, I realize its a complex issue. But given the chance to chose on this one, I would have to stick to it.

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