Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Means Sharing

Christmas eve morning and made my wife breakfast of two soft boiled eggs 'in glass'. So I decide to give myself a few eggs but on really fresh Czech bread, with some Pomozankove maslo; which is similar to cream cheese but this kind has a bit of garlic and onion flavoring. And some fried bacon strips mixed in. And then to read the news and some blogs with some fresh Ebel Coffee in the Braun coffee pot. Of course the dogs are with me in my home office (smell of food). Suddenly while I am pulling out the camera (don't ask me why I wanted to photograph my breakfast), my wife comes swooping in to take a bite, saying something like "your food always taste better". Hence the two huge chomps that more closely resemble the 'Great Australian Bite' (which aptly describes both the huge gouge out of the southern tip of the Australian continent and the takings of my wife's appetite). Posted by Hello

The large gulf in the lower part of the continent is the Great Australian Bite. Notice the similarity? Posted by Hello

And then there are the dogs who are waiting ever so patiently for a few scraps,... which I can never deny. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...


When referring to the original source of the geographic similarity you used "Bite". It should be "Bight", shouldn't it?

(Hey, I'm a pedantic jerk, but at least I read your blog.)

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Larry Butler