Monday, December 13, 2004

Battle of Perception Management

Here is a NYTimes article on the use of deception and what goes out to the public. Are they decieving for a military end? A public relations end? Or is it a military use that is accused of being a PR use.

One general sums it up: "Are we trying to inform? Yes.

Do we offer perspective? Yes.

Do we offer military judgment? Yes.

Must we tell the truth to stay credible? Yes.

Is there a battlefield value in deceiving the enemy? Yes.

Do we intentionally deceive the American people? No." - General Kimmitt

"In the battle of perception management, where the enemy is clearly using the media to help manage perceptions of the general public, our job is not perception management but to counter the enemy's perception management," said the chief Pentagon spokesman, Lawrence Di Rita.

Sure this could be abused, but I am still glad they use this skill to avoid taking casualties.

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