Thursday, December 30, 2004

Ah the Mysterious Bra!

Don't know how I got on this page but it is a very enlightening description of the trials of wearing a brassiere. For a guy who's caressed, taken off, ogled, and yes, tore, many a bra in his lifetime, I was a bit shocked at the things I never cared to learn. And this comes after sitting across from a friend's wife who recently has fallen pregnant (is that a correct phrase?) as she spoke in earnest about her recently - and shockingly - increased breast size in gory detail. In Vicky's secret rant we learn of the problems of measuring the bra inhabitants.

I had to laugh about how after she was fitted for a surprisingly well fitting bra, she exclaims "but by God, those suckers stayed in place!", because what are they if not, well, "Suckers"?


Anna Broadway said...

If you liked that entry, check out Sexless in the City ...

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