Friday, May 28, 2004

Friends, I will soon be taking a trip from Prague to Jakarta and Sydney. Its been quite a while since I have been "home", perhaps 4 years? Hard to tell. While it is true that I was born an American, I feel or perhaps more accurately, wish that I were a real Australian. I did take an oath (to the Queen, no less) back in '95 to become a citizen and I have been more than proud of it ever since.

Something like Robin Williams in 'Moscow on the Hudson', I took to the country and began to promote it in any conversation where my Australian-ism came up. After living there, it was hard to see why anyone would ever want to move back to the United States. (Indeed, I hope that I have even disuaded a few eastern European, would-be emigrants from their target, USA.)

However, with that said, I am now about to make my home more solidly a Czech one. Now it wasn't just the reason of the lovely lady, but the time here and the trips from here that made me always look forward to my return.

And yet, sometimes my distance from Oz has caused me a few bouts of longing and melancholy. Did you ever see the Man That Fell To Earth? David Bowie throughout the movie has flashbacks to his wife and child waiting at something like a desert train station. While the times of the two locatiosn (Earth and his home planet) do not progress in the same manner, you still get the sense that every week or long period of time in the his character's new position is taking a day - a long precious, day - out of the life of the wife and child back on the planet. This is the only metaphor I can use to describe my longing to live there in Sydney and the distance that, with every week, seems impossible to make up. And yet the new home is sweet... but Austrlia is, was, wonderful

Home again, alas, for only a few days. June 8 until June 13, I believe. I am full of trepidation, because I don't handle melancholy and nostalgia well.

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