Saturday, May 29, 2004

Did you ever try to find friends after 4 years away? You know, just call up some people who you sort of fell out with or let dry up for lack of contact like an un-watered plant. Its a funny thing, because I am not afraid to do it and have done similar things in the past. But still, it does prove difficult to find them. They might know where I am or, at lest was, for a time. But still, no idea where I am now.

Its not like I was lost in the Amazon jungle for the last twenty. ("Well the last I saw of Dan was his hat floating near some large reptiles.") True, I have been to some weirder places (and did in fact see a hippopotamus in a Montenegrin river; yes, true) but considering the mobility of my friends, the task to find these people is more than daunting.

And consider the popularization of email, in only the last 7 years. In Eastern Europe I only began to use the company email after a few silly mistakes. In 1996, sure, Czech Republic was amazingly backward (and now so amazingly forward, almost, uh, Prussian). But after everyone goes through their formative email years, whether company originated or their hotmail-type accounts, with those fledgling periods of overuse, spam, and then the ever changing addresses, it is difficult to imagine that some people either didn't get that change of address email, or just simply didn't write it down.

It really is too bad that we don't list our email addresses in one phone book. (It really is also a shame we don't even list our phone numbers in a phone book). So now I am trying to figure a way to alert some friends that I will be in Sydney from June 8th for a few days. What would you do that wouldn't cost as much as taking out a full-page ad in the Sydney Morning Herald? Comments please?

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