Thursday, January 08, 2004

A Word On Me and the Purpose of this Blog


I am an American / Australian (kind of) living in Prague.

I write about odd things, funny things, things that make me angry, and some politics.

The list of blogs and sites in the sidebars are really just bookmarks.

My religion: I was raised Catholic but have now problems truly believing in God. On the other hand, I don't want to make Him angry. I like to believe I am a nice guy and try to act like a good Catholic. But my wife thinks that is ridiculous.

My likes: Dogs, traveling, cooking, eating, re-connecting with old friends.

My dislikes: Really naive liberals.

My politics: Often mistaken for a Republican, when in fact I am what I call an "anti-liberal" since I believe that many liberals do not realize the true situation in the world and quite often suggest irrational policies, or criticize politicians unrealisitically. I can easily distance myself from Republic policies I disagree with as a result because they are really not my party. I also support Israel and hate the mis-use of the press against them.